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Princess Aurora - Voice Demo 1 Princess Aurora - Voice Demo 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Do the impossible, see the invisible...

Rowww, roowwww, it's Faye Mata.
Really great work, Faye! Loving the serious voices in this demo.

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Pirates on the Interwebs Pirates on the Interwebs

Rated 0 / 5 stars

File Information: Voice Acting

If Weebl really is paying you a staggering amount of money for "(Additional Animation)", maybe you should have invested in better recording technology so that your microphone wouldn't tear every single syllable.
Couldn't really hear the punchline with all the tearing but it probably wouldn't have made any difference.

The joke was something along the lines of him going on YouPorn and then seeing something that's generally displeasing. Unfortunately, your voice acting dropped out and you just ended up screaming in your own voice which generally isn't the least bit amusing.

I don't think this is even going to amuse your 13 year old fanbase, let alone a large audience.

"Hilarity ensues."
I think ever since people started being funny for you, you've lost what little sight you had left of what's funny and what isn't. You've got enough money, right? Hire a scriptwriter.
And buy a razor.
You like Lucky Star and you have a neckbeard.
Sort both of those things out.

I'm sure you can sort both at the same time with a razor.

In before the amazingly witty authors response. Then deletion 2 days later.
In fact, do that. That'd be hilarious. Completely out of character.